About me

Who actually is Katharina? 

I could just say that she's DF's wife whom you can see in his videos next to him for about a year now. 😅 ...but you won't become wiser by this. 

Some years ago, I used the nicknames "Sal" or "Bakasaru" in the internet. I was very active in the anime/manga/visual kei scene back then. Due to me personal opinion, the usage of nicknames got out of hand in that scene and that is why I chose to use my real name, Katharina, this time. I added the word "Unlimited" because my interests are very widespread and I did not want to limit myself. 😉

I was born in 1987 and I usually happen to be in the Rhein-Main-/Spessart area. I like to be outdoors and it doesn't matter if it's jogging, hiking or riding my MTB. I would call myself a little globetrotter even if I have never left Europe so far but I happened to be in several parts of it already. 

At the beach of The Hague
It is of importance to me that I can act in a way how I feel well. That could mean that I might appear "childish" or "silly" to others from time to time. I call it "living". 😋

I could write a novel right here that would not be very useful to anybody. That is why I come to an end with my short introduction. If you would like go know more about me, feel free to follow me in my blog. 😊

See ya 'til the next mischief! 

Your Katharina 

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