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Muddy Stoffel - Rats Runners X-Treme Run Goldbach 2018

Hi there! 

Since we cannot every week drive southwards to the Alps, there was a different schedule including a special "wellness programme" for the last weekend: 
The Xtreme Run from the Rats Runner series in Goldbach. Clay is supposed to be good for the skin! 😁

I had participated once in 2016 and had been very fond of the great mood and the variety - so I couldn't resist to sign up in 2018.

DF was my personal motivator, cameraman and pack mule. Thanks a lot! 😘 And that was the reason why he couldn't participate himself, poor guy. 😂

I was in the second starting field and so my race began at 01:35 pm. We arrived at the motocross area in Goldbach a few minutes before one o'clock. The biggest and greatest surprise was my bib number: 313! Absolutely awesome for me as a passionate Donald Duck fan! 😂

Bib number and medal

I became more and more nervous during the following thirty minutes but I was surprisingly calm when the starting shot was fired. And off I went over the humpy race course of the motocross club - steep up and down over the rock hard and dry ground. It was so dusty that I almost longed for more water obstacles.The race lead over hay rolls and old tires until I finally reachend the first container filled with cool mud. I had to crawl through saw dust right afterwards, so I looked like I had been tarred and feathered. 😅

The course lead luckily into the forest after about 3.5 km in the blazing sun and I knew that I would not leave the woods before the 9th km. There were several brook beds, steep hillsides and a constant up and down waiting for the participants, which were all in all very strength-sapping. 

1.5 km of pure torture began after that. Steep ups and downs but often combined with water, that turned the clay into something as slippery as soap. Apropos soap, soap was added at the slide so you would get reaaaaally fast down there. Luckily, some hay rolls stood at the end or I would have flown directly to my home...

I reached the goal completely dirty after one hour and seven minutes - and that made me ninth of the women in my age group. Wow! I had never made it top ten so far! 😆

Free Hugs! 😁


What was the worst at that race? - Very simple: My running nose. The tissues were already wet after a short while because of the mud and water obstacles. And I had so much claim on my hands after the slide that I couldn't even think of blowing my nose. Does anybody have any advice for that problem?

Besides that, I got a huge blister on my fourth toe (ring toe?) which caused me a lot of pain during the last three kilometers.  

Except for that above, the race was just great! I will participate for sure in 2019! 😁

You can find the video here: X-Treme Run Rat's Runner 2018 - Goldbach.

See ya 'til the next mischieve!

Your Katharina

P.S.: Little Stoffel had to stay at home - so he wouldn't get dirty and he kept our bed warm. 😉

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